Posted: March 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Test in world geography tomorrow. Did a light skim instead of the heavy browsethrough that I usually give to my unit test notes. Wasn’t in the mood.

ACYO reseating was moved two weeks ahead, so that’s a relief. My nails are far too long to play the violin, but I’m too relaxed to trim them. Maybe tomorrow…maybe…

Didn’t do so well at the Buchholz split statewide. Got 39th place, score was 95, and our team score was 76. But it’s a good thing that it’s the last Mu Alpha Theta competition, I’m sick of math tests each day. The January Regional was also at Buchholz, which I failed also with a 72. But I still got 15th place then =P

Math test tomorrow also, but it’s fairly easy.

Playing Hearts on the computer is fun. Addictive, really.

And I have a lack of words to say…


  1. I also helped your Socialvibe number go uppity, although I only completed 9 minutes of suicide prevention. Then it magically jumps from 98 to 140. >.< Serious skillz


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