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So busy with homework! World History AP has to be the most tiring class ever, we’re covering a chapter every two days and there are forty 20-30 page chapters in our textbook. Our teacher plans for us to be able to read through and review the chapter twice in the school year. Not to mention all the weekend practices she’s planned before the exam. Oh sure, it’s really fascinating (though some facts are just plain odd: Greek society accepted gays but not lesbians?), but I barely get any sleep–and any time to blog. But remind me, and I’ll dedicate a post to some of the weirdest facts in history.


About the Blog

I honestly don’t know what possessed me to make this blog. I was inspired to create it by Puppet Guardian’s blog, because theirs looked organized with a nice layout.

Writing on my blog really clears my head. I try to post something every day, whenever an idea hits me: This is what fascinates me today, and I’m going to intrigue some other people, too.

I came up with the title when I was brainstorming for titles for a short story I had written, in which the main character feels defeated, as if he cannot defy the opposing side. But then, his not-quite-sane friend that often blurted out the oddest things suddenly murmured, “Birds defy gravity. Watch them disappear.” The protagonist watched as her eyes stared past him into the sky.

Ever since, Birds Defy Gravity has been one of my “quotes” and I thought that it would fit for the name of my blog: what better than to name it after the words of an insane girl?


The blogs on my blogroll are either light-hearted, casual blogs that my friends have, or blogs with content that I find thoughtful and interesting to me. No, I do not add them to my blogroll in hopes of them returning the favor, only to share it with others.

Note: most of them are blogs dedicated to the webmaster’s prose/poetry.

  1. Jingle says:

    nice to learn a piece of your.
    take good care.
    u deserve the best.

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