Posted: March 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Epcot was pretty fun. Good memories to blog here, so that I don’t lose them. Hopefully, the people won’t mind…I might get shot tomorrow, or in a year, or on my deathday. But that would likely be my deathday o.o

  • Becky takes pictures at the beginning of the trip of Victor when he takes off his jacket, but she accidentally replaces jacket with shirt.
  • Becky loses ticket. And when she gets a new one, she doesn’t use it for FastPass
  • I crash into a pole and eat seaweed off the ground. Normally I don’t eat stuff off the ground. I think I might be turning into a guy. Maybe I was just drunk or something >.<
  • At Japan, we eat at this cafe-like place. Timmy accidentally says “I Love You” to Yong when he meant “I Love How You” + hand gestures, but that makes it more…awkwardly perverted ;D So we all died laughing there. I told Becky that she should’ve videotaped that, but dude, I thought he was serious o.o
  • Timmy talking in Chinese when Mrs Ellis stalked us at the baggage check and ticket + fingerprinting station.
  • Alice running to a bench and then running away when she sees a wasp -.- It was golden too 😀
  • Oh, and Test Track was hell. I wish I could strangle the person that dragged me there. * coughs * Unforunately, I can’t. Lucky them.
  • Mission to Space/Mars made me get a stomachache and minor headache.
  • At the Cool Club by Coca Cola, they served the Beverly (posted here exclusively for a person I know even though I doubt she’ll read this), a non-alchoholic, bitter drink that only two people I know liked when they sampled it. I just stuck to ginger ale and this sweet citrusy Japanese drink. The vending machines were so cool–touch screen 😀
  • I think that’s it. This trip was also the first time I got/drank from a smartwater bottle. Didn’t know how to open it, so Victor and I spent a sixth of the trip there figuring that out. But it’s really cool, the wrapper and stuff. They write info. on the inside 😀 And there’s a raincloud and duck there too.
  • mmkay ima done
  • night
  • ~nevermoraven
  • PS: bullets are addicting
  • especially these perfectionist computerized ones ❤
  1. dbsklover!!! says:


    and lol at the timmy saying i love you to yong

  2. As I restlessly browse the web, intent on completing my world history homework and Patterson creepy-story essay yet unable to concentrate on anything for a long period of time, I seek some relief from the bright, disgustingly perky websites that I normally go on. I go to my bookmarks and select the first muted web address I see–your blog!
    I look up and arch my tired eyebrows at the ‘I LIKED THE BEVERLY’ (makes me feel both happy/proud/creeped out) and attempt a fever-stained giggle for the ‘I LOVE YOU YONG’ above, and yet anger fills my rushing, pumping heart for Timmy is MINE! Back off, bitches! Honey, I am reading this, however late it is.
    Gah, I hate being sick.
    ~BEV (for you’re NEV and I’m BEV cuz it rhymes! XD)

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