Technology of 2010

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hello, world, on this lovely day of October the twenty-third!

Dampened by my math homework though. Math is easy for me, but it’s not my favorite subject. Also dampened by my overactive allergies, the visible proof of my body trying to make my day miserable (its excuse: keeping bad things out!). Sometimes I wish that those cells would listen to my brain, my mind, me, for a change. In that scenario, I could rant and lecture them and reprogram their little systems to say “Dust is good! Do not sneeze at dust!” In reality, dust isn’t good–on the contrary, it’s disgusting–but I would rather not sneeze every ten seconds until my nose is sore to the touch from peeling my skin off with tissues.

On the brighter side, my dad is planning to get me the “latest version” of the Mac Air. I’m not a tech freak that reads the tech news every few hours, so I didn’t even know that a new version came out, but I think that him spontaneously deciding to buy one for me has to do with this two-or-three-year-long debate we’ve been having: PCs vs. Macs.  I bet that he’s trying to give me some real evidence that Macs are way better than PCs, but I’ll wait and see…

At the moment, I have a COMPAQ PC laptop. It’s very noisy due to its fan, which is a total flunk: before I got one of those external cooling platforms for it, my laptop used to die from overheating after a year of use.

The problem with the Mac Air is that since it’s so light and anorexic compared to other laptops, it has less storage. I photoshop many graphics, my mom uploads an outrageous amount of photos onto my computer (why not hers, who knows? -.-), and I keep all of my school-related documents–as well as my own writing–on my computer. Not to mention a few chunky programs and cheesy computer games.

Oh, and my tablet program.

I’m not sure if I want to let go of my PC yet. I’ll just have to wait and see…I did have a bad experience with a Mac Air once when I went to Best Buy with my family (around the time when it just came out, the first version), picked it up to see how light it was, and accidentally set the alarm off. Scared the heck out of me, though I was pretty irritated afterwards. The main feature of the Air is its light weight and thinness, right? Why did you set an alarm that would go off whenever someone picked it up?

I wonder what Apple’s going to invent next. In several years, I predict that people will not only be raving about their techy electronics but their techy cars, techy doorknobs, techy dentures, techy flowers with microchips and whatnot, maybe even techy underwear =/

I also heard that Google was planning on making cars that could drive by themselves. Wonder how that will turn out: a waste of time, or a successful, profitable offshoot from their search engine business?



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