Posted: October 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

The scarlet orb pulsates in my hand, like a repulsive little wart. “This tree’s the last one!” my parents promise, though I know that the tree will only be the tenth to last one to pick. Lovebugs ride a breeze too feeble to cool us down in the scorching sunlight, and butterflies flutter aimlessly among trees barren of blossoms, but not fruit. A sparrow perches on the branch in front of me, contemptuously grinding a moth in its beak.

My parents place some more persimmons in egg cartons and baskets, and heft the ladders to another tree. Darn, I think, why do you have so many persimmons? The tree must have received my telepathic message, because the persimmon in my hand bursts and globules of bittersweet splatter all over my arm, the tendrils dripping towards the ground.

Basically, picking fruit at the local orchard is not my idea of fun. Especially if there are lovebugs and ants hitching a ride on you. We ended up picking 33 lb. of one of my least favorite fruits.

Yesterday, I pulled off the first movement of my Bruch concerto fairly well on the violin. I might do it for an upcoming concerto competition, but I’m not looking forward to memorizing the second movement, which goes at a snail’s pace. I always have trouble memorizing slow music, because the slower it is, the more repetitive it seems to be. A pattern that every composer I’ve played likes to utilize in their compositions.

The Street Lamp News

I’ve written a lot of poems, but they’re all in my composition book, which my teacher keeps at school (we’re not supposed to take them home). The next time I get my comp. book back, I’ll make copies of the poems and transfer them to The Street Lamp. Thank you for being patient ._.


  1. Beverly Ge says:

    Lovebugs followed me home. I found two in my fridge and let them outside. Hopefully, they aren’t copulating on my lemon balm. 😉

  2. Bodhirose says:

    I’ve never picked a persimmon but I have eaten them and know how messy a fruit they are. You are very expressive in describing the mess they make when “splattered”!

    If this is a true story–I really want to know what the hell your parents do with 33 lbs. of persimmons!

    I look forward to reading some of your poems when you bring your composition book home from school… I’m very patient.

    • Nevermoraven says:

      They seriously picked 33 pounds of persimmons, it was a dollar a pound. A lot of Chinese people love persimmons, so I guess my parents aren’t very different…
      I like the hard persimmons better than the soft ones, mainly because they don’t make such a mess and because they are sort of like apples.

      Yes, I’m can’t wait for my teacher to hand out the composition books either so that I can transfer them to The Street Lamp. I should be able to get it sometime this week!

      And thank you for visiting my blog ^-^

      • Bodhirose says:

        Well I like them OK but not 33 lbs. worth! Oh well–at least they’re a healthy food. Speaking of food, I glanced at your nice list of international cuisine, I love all kinds of foods too–I think Indian is my favorite. Lots of great choices for vegetarians like me.

        And you’re welcome–my pleasure.

  3. Jingle says:

    thanks for sharing..

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