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Hello everyone!

For my school science project this year, my friend and I will be seeing if there is a correlation between what hand/body gestures you use while talking and your personality type (introvert/extrovert). According to one of my ninth grade buddies, the only way to get enough student participants for your project at our school is to bribe them with candy or cookies.

Remember one of my recent posts about the cookie challenge my World History AP teacher makes us do?

I love cookies, but there’s a limit to how much I can tolerate their terrorizing my life. So today, when one of my chocolate chip cookies splattered on the asphalt, I crushed it with my foot and let out all my anger and frustration and rage in that little packaged action.


This morning I had my Florida AllState Auditions (FOA=Florida Orchestra Association, I believe) in Jacksonville. Since it’s up north relative to my home, it was actually pretty cold. Surprisingly, I did fairly well on the sightreading, which I bombed last time. My scale and arpeggio was fine, and my etudes were…meh. The first one went too slow, the second one went well.

The Orchestra director, Mr. Griffis or Griffins or something (his name was griffiny), asked who my private teacher was.

Me: Oh, Mr. Long

Griffin Guy: * INHALE * Not Jessie and Ariel?

Me: Yup, that’s them.

Griffin Guy: Ah, I was wondering if they were still around.

That line sounds like something the bad guy of some action movie would say. “Ah, I was wondering if the victim I cut up ten years ago is still around…darn!” But no, he’s actually really nice. Blame it on my vivid imagination to paint a whole script about that one line in five seconds.

As for other news, there’s been a woodpecker problem with my house. I wanted to let my kitty Tiger outside to deal with the bird, but my mom insisted on getting a fake “heavy duty” owl to hang from Home Depot…of course, it was definitely worth the comments I got when I posted my status on Facebook: “Owl Shopping!” Some people really do believe anything… While I was at Home Depot, I bought a pack of Columbine William Guinness seeds for a dollar. Luckily, you’re supposed to plant them in the fall if you live in the south (Florida!), so I considered yesterday an adventitious shopping spree, especially since I tend to buy things without reading those tiny labels on the back.

Buying flowers is like a responsibility reform for me. Guilt shall overwhelm me if I forgot to water the innocent seedlings.


  1. Beverly says:

    Hope you did well on AllState auditions! Let me know when you start your science project thing (note: pleasepleaseplease do it in school so I can, like, skip out during Mrs. Ellis’s 2nd period pleasepleaseplease). The etudes for AllState were really easy, though. I played through them a billion times and then realized I couldn’t audition.
    Maybe Griffiny guy is a serial killer. Maybe.
    Yesterday at Home Depot my dad and I got four pepper planets, two strawberry plants, and one lemon balm herb (my pet project). The latter smells REALLY good (lemony) and is good for tea. If it survives till winter, expect some for Christmas. 🙂

  2. Vanna says:

    what if your participants are scared of you and totally mess up the personality judgement? XD

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