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I give all my viewers a sincere apology for not posting anything new for the past few centuries, and an apology to Jingle for being inactive on the Poetry Rallies and stuff. School started two weeks ago and since then, I’ve been buried in homework and studying for my two high school classes…

That horrible "Crap." feeling you get when you're stuck on an exam.

Of course if I don’t study, this is what I’ll look like on my next World History AP test, in which a bad grade would be really bad: no curves. The first test we had, the high score was a 78, so…that says it all.

Not to mention the Cookie Challenge. The thing is, if your team has the lowest test average, you have to bake/buy cookies for the team with the highest test average.

Overestimation of my baking skills.

Of course, the teacher thinks it’s great motivation, but I bet one of my classmates will come out of this as a famous Beverly Hills bakery chef rather than getting a 5 on the AP exam. And there’s always the risk that someone will put something evil in your cookies :O

I spent my Labor Day weekend getting cooked in the sun at Tampa and St. Petersburg beaches. The Pier at St. Petersburg is really cool, though…As long as you don’t get a whiff of pelican breath, you’re safe.

He sits there like a big fat chicken on the St. Petersburg Pier, lying in wait for an innocent passerby to take one step too close...

Took this picture in St. Petersburg, the pelican was peacefully perched on the dock. I think we bothered its nap… lying in wait like a cowardly ninja, ready to strike. I took this photo as proof for court, but by the time I could accuse it, it had flown off to brag to its gang of cohorts. This was probably the highlight of my Labor Day weekend. But anyway, I hope you had a relaxing weekend.

I will try not to neglect my blog as I did before, but don’t expect posts from me daily. If I don’t post anything for several weeks, it’s probably because I’m busy playing CatShot, an adoraaaable and free, I think, app on my mom’s iPod touch: the kitties are so cute! Inspiration for my own drawings! of big projects at school (science fairs), big exams (SAT, midterms), or orchestra practice. Sometimes I have a bloggers’ block and can’t think of anything remotely interesting to say.



  1. Beverly says:

    Two things:
    a) How do you effing post pictures on the effing website? Either my poor xp is corrupt, or it’s supposed to be that way, because when I click on the ‘insert picture’ thing, NOTHING SHOWS UP BUT A BLANK PAGE.
    b) You still aren’t my friend in Socialvibe (gasps). WHERE ARE YOU?
    Tonight is a good night! The Black Eyed Peas are awesome 🙂
    Diary of Jane was totally written for my mom…*strokes chin*

    • Nevermoraven says:

      Eh, well I use the insert picture thing. Basically, you upload the photo and then you write in all the info you need about it, and you click insert into post…
      You can also copy/paste it into the post.

      I haven’t been on SocialVibe for a while, I’ll log on later.

  2. Beverly says:

    Oh yeah. Plus, your inactivity compared with mine is like comparing Leo Tolstoy’s WAR AND PEACE (his birthday is on mine! SQUEEEE! Though he’s dead now… D:) to the storybooks we all read when we were, like, toddlers.

  3. Beverly says:

    Ugh, I need to remember things more. BTW, where did you draw your pics? They are SO cute!
    P.S. I’m sure you did fine on your AP World History test (lol, I admit, I wrote ’tist’ the first time I typed that). I mean, at least you scored higher than Jessica, and the lowest, was like, a TWENTY. Or was it a forty? I forgot 🙂 Plus, you got #2 rank once, right? If you need help baking cookies *cough cough* (do you remember before?) I’d love to bake some, because I LOVE baking. not that you’d be on the losing team or anything…

    • Nevermoraven says:

      Photoshop Elements 5.0, yes, my version is old. But not everyone can afford the $2000 Photoshop Creativity Suite or whatever its called package TT_TT

      Actually, our team was the losing team XD And I got a 68…Kevin Huang got the highest score, if you’re curious (no surprise there). But I really don’t want to bake cookies, seeing that I got like the highest score on my team. Vivian and I will have to hope that guys can bake well…

  4. Beverly says:

    Apparently Zhou got the lowest score. He bought his cookies.

  5. Jingle says:

    superb post.
    love the cartoon images.

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