Back to the City

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Heh, especially after I wrote a poem about the darks of city life–wealth and greed, specifically.

Since my dad has a business trip, the whole family came with him yesterday. Rhode Island is a dust speck, so we landed in Boston instead (old home!) and spent a night surrounded by not stars, but streetlights. I absolutely adore city hotels, especially the one we stay at. It might sound either weird or familiar to you, but I obsess over the soaps, lotions, coffee, and other assorted toiletries hotels provide, as well as the art and decor. Even the flatscreen TVs that most hotels have nowadays. Maybe because everything’s so neat and organized and matching, unlike my room. I try to be a neat freak, and I want to be, but routines are not my thing; I envy the people that can write in journals everyday, put their planners to good use, or keep a room tidy for a week.

Today, we met a few friends and ate at a Chinese restaurant specializing in Sichuan and Beijing style food. We arrived early to get a spot (in fact, we were first!), but the restaurant hadn’t opened. Parties of people began to line up in the blazing sun, though it was certainly cooler than Florida, and we waited patiently. The staff arrived at opening time and asked for fifteen minutes to prepare. I guess the wait was worth it if you’ve never been to China before, since the dishes definitely outshone the nearby takeout businesses and McDonalds, but after going to a country and eating the nation’s specialties… It’s like comparing a potato to a potato dish done at a diner to a potato dish done at a five star restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Afterwards, we drove to Smithfield, Rhode Island to Hampton Inn&Suites, which is as country as you can in a state in proximity to Massachusetts: fields of wildflowers, forests, but no farms. However, most of the hotels are flanked by construction sites (our window view is an Everest of gravel), and it’s clear that this town will grow up into a city in the future.

I’ll update this later today with more details; my family members are getting impatient… nev.


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