Kitty Cuisine

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

White Meat Chicken Florentine In A Delicate Sauce With Garden Greens.

Doesn’t that make you hungry? Or wonder, “Where are you eating right now, Nev? Olive Garden? Carrabba’s?”

Well, Im not the one eating. Tiger, my loyal FancyFeast devourer is.

This morning, I received a PetCo commercial in the mail flaunting a whole shopping list, or menu as I like to call it, of FancyFeast, the brand of cat food that Tiger adores. He always gets it once a day at 6 PM for dinner ^-^

I just find the names of flavors of FancyFeast amusing; it’s so similar to what you might see on your menu the next time you order from a restaurant. FancyFeast comes in different “series”: Gravy Lovers, Grilled, Roasted, Sliced, Marinated, Chunky, Kitten, Classic, Minced, Flaked, Elegant Medleys (think graden greens, soufflés, Florentines, primaveras, and the mysterious “classic sauce”), Appetizers (complements to regular meals with broths–how fat can your cat get?), and Gourmet Dry. I laugh when I wonder about who the advertisements are trying to appeal to: the cat or the owner? Do they really sautée the seafood, roast the beef, sear the salmon, grill the chicken? It’s amusing to simply reread the list over and over, unless you’re a vegetarian.

My cat only likes Flaked Fancy Feast, though, being one of the finickiest of felines. He hates his dry food, eats his canned food, but utterly adores our food. I guess Purina is trying to convince cats to eat their own dish.


  1. Beverly Ge says:

    Well, my feathery friend, I’m sure that us birds appeal to Tiger as much as FancyFeast does. In Sichuan China a few years back, I remember stray dogs and cats wandering the streets. They ate the food I fed to them, it was really cute :3
    I’m heading out to China…see you when school starts (and you’re taking high school classes…*sniff sniff* my little baby is growing up…*sobs*).
    Huggles and glomps,
    P.S. It’s a pity there’s no YouTube in CHina. Then I could unveil David Garrett in all of his sexy glory to my cousin. XD

  2. nevermoraven says:

    My grandparents’ apartment complex in Beijing housed lots of stray cats that were fed regularly by the regulars: one orange, one white, two orange and white, one black and white :heart:
    My grandparents house in nantong, they had a brown and white dog. It wasn’t starving or underfed, but it was twice as skinny as Tiger xD
    Frazer math is driving me INSANE, you could almost be glad you didn’t get in. I especially dislike proofs and theorems and determinants.

    Aw, that stinks! Next time you should buy a CD and show him the photos inside the cover pamhplet thingy lol
    He’s turning into one of those bare chested rock stars with ponytails that don’t shave *gaspeth*

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