The Blog: A Sanctuary for the Mind

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

I never believed blogging could be such a big part of my life. Until I made one.

I didn't care if my words weren't read by loving eyes other than my own (exaggerating here XD). It just felt good that my words were out there in the world, where anyone could find it…it felt good that it was on record, and in history.

I failed my journals and my diaries, but the blog was a journal better than the previous ones I've written. Because in a journal, you feel obliged to reveal too much. In a blog, it's like entertaining an [invisible, in my case] audience.

And though my blog is young, it's a therapy for me. I feel calm and collected and my thoughts feel more organized after I post a post.

Oh, and it's also a second brain for me. In case I forget something in the first.


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