If I Had Unlimited Resources, I Would…

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

A new world. Like one of those miniature eco-friendly planet models that you can buy. I get stressed out about global warming and greenhouse gases, and even the faraway concept of the sun burning up, even if these events won't be devastating until later. We really need to climb out of this pit we've fallen into, and fast!

[[Another facet of my fears is what happens after death–afterbirth? It sounds scary to me, because it would be unlucky for anyone to be born in a warstricken period…or the moment the sun burned up. But that's another story…I guess what happens after death is really the final hurdle to conquer. Yet it's impossible to, really. We can make ourselves nearly immortal with new technologies, but only the dead can feel death.

Oh no, I'm getting offtrack.]]

As this question didn't specify WHAT resource, I guess it would be possible to manufacture a new planet. And somehow get it in orbit and stuff. It would be like all those Smartcars, hydrogen fuel cells, and recycling plants gradually trying to turn our world around, but quicker!


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