Edible Game Pieces

Posted: June 30, 2010 in China Trip 2010, Uncategorized

I’m leaving today! Going back to the US! I feel so soaked with culture now C:

Two nights ago, my grandparents treated us for a dinner at this luxurious restuarant that specialized in hotpot, Hai Di Lao, which means “scooped from the sea” in general.

This hotpot is divided in half: spicy soup and nonspicy soup. The soup is flavored with various Chinese vegetables & mushrooms.

Hotpot is when they give you raw foods which you cook in the boiling soup. Later, you ladle it onto your plate when it’s ready. We had noodles, fish, NianGao (like sticky noodles), tofu, clam, and lamb.

This is the person that turns noodlemaking into a show! His "dance"is sort of quirky, but the noodles taste delicious!

We also had Wo Wo Tou, which is a “bread” whose main ingredient is corn that used to be a staple food. It typically is a small hollow mound, but ours was shaped like a gamepiece from Sorry!. Though most Wo Wo Tou are dry and have lots of corn in them, the chefs there changed the recipe so that there was only enough corn to flavor it. The actual texture was moist on the surface, chewy, and not very dry. The inside is hollow.


I hear from other people that from other places, the Wo Wo Tou is dry and hard to swallow. Great reason to come to Beijing and eat here XD




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