June 16

Posted: June 16, 2010 in China Trip 2010

Went to the Forbidden City. Uh, it looked crowded, but the ticket line wasn’t too bad. The walk was tiring, so we just toured through it in a straight line XD

After that we went to like this garden of which I don’t know the name. It was very steep and we had to climb to this outlook at the top of this hill, but it was worth it. You could see the entire Forbidden City from above and we took some nice pictures. The swallows fly up there 😀 Got some somewhat blurred photos of them, too–which they’d stay still :c

Saw a crow in China. Reassuring .-.

Then we went to this small violin shop after lunch to fix this old violin. Ugh, it sounds terrible D:< But I don’t want my grandparents to get another violin. So yeah.

Went to another smaller mall, but it was still 4 floors XD Bought two pairs of shoes and four polos. One of them, though, is like revenge on the new policy; it has like, this transparent patch on the back XD (lace or tulle or whatever)



  1. Beverly says:

    Hey how’s it going this is on my cousins iPod so happy !

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