June 13-14, 15

Posted: June 15, 2010 in China Trip 2010

When I arrived at China, I was too lazy to, uh, blog (jetlag). So sorry about the day-long-delay.

However, I did find my neglected journal (haven’t written in it since January 30, 2010 o.o) and wrote down everything so I wouldn’t forget the events per day.

Some of my talk might be copied right from the journal, so yeah.

June 13-14

[this comes right after I apologize to my journal for neglecting it and update it]

Anyway, today I left for China. Going to write some stuff to blog when I get access later. Woke up exhausted this morning. On the way there, my dad  and I listened to One X & Almost Alice. Tollbooths are so annoying; there were four. THe first cost $2.50. The last three were spread into intervals of .75, .75, and $1. Why can’t they just ask for another $2.50 XD

At the Orlando airport, there was free internet, but no one was on Gmail :c (It was 7 AM xP). I had my first store-bought smoothie, that I could remember, at least. “Peach Sunset”peach, banana, and strawberry juice = yummy. I should try making it at home.

The flight there wasn’t so great, unfortunately. Ironically, that less-than-two hour flight to DC was more boring than the thirteen-hour flight I’m on now. It had no TV, no window seat, and an uncomfortable seat D:

At the DC airport I bought a Mocha Frappucino Light at the Starbucks with my gift card. Was planning to save it for the end of the trip (since drinking a beverage helps me cope with the pain in my ears), but being the coffee fool that I am, it couldn’t have possibly lasted the full 13 hours XD It didn’t even last for the first two hours >.< Made me wish that I’d bought two.

I rewatched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie, one of my favorites. I also watched How to Train Your Dragon (and hyperventilated over Toothless’s cuteness) and Wall-E.

The plane flew over Hudson Bay, and it was gorgeous. I’ve only seen these ïce on water” kinda places on TV documentaries. But it was already better to view it from my plane. The route crossed over the North Pole, but I didn’t see Santa. In fact, the pretty yet plain scene remained the same for Siberia and Russia, until it crossed over Mongolia and started greening.

I also got a haircut 😀 I like it a lot. I showed them a picture of what I wanted the style to look like. The haircut cost $4-8. In the Oaks Mall, Gainesville, I went to a salon and showed them the same picture. It cost $30-40 and was the same quality. I can’t get over how cheap the salons here are >.< And the taxis XD

Woke up at 1 AM. Played a game on iPod touch, which made me fall back asleep. Woke up again at 5 AM and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I took advantage of my jetlag to chat with some friends, etc.

June 15

For breakfast, we had YóuTiao and BaoZi.

Took the bus to Yi He Yuan, and paddle-boated there. (English name: Summer Palace). By the time we returned the boat, I was too tired to walk around XD (This is why you should never treat the notion of racing an engine-powered boat to a race any attention)

After that, we went to the Youyi Shopping City, aka the largest mall I’ve ever seen. Five floors, with vast dimensions. It’s like five times the size of the Oaks Mall! On the underground floor they have this entertainment center for little kids (carousel, sandbox, mini-bungeejump). On the top floor, they have a diversity of restuarants and even a movie theater. Any restaurents they can’t cram on the top floor get their residence on the fourth floor. They have furniture stores, music stores, and grocery stands. It’s sort of intimidating >.<

My dad had to pick up a package for his meeting (the reason why I’m in China), so I went along with him. We received it in a building across from the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, so I got to take some typical tourist style pictures XD

The building was called the National Convention Center or something. Ít’s very modern, and we had to pass two or three layers of security. Since it’s famous, I guess they don’t want anyone to annihilate it. The meeting rooms are named after rivers (Changjiang, Tigris, Nile, Amazon, Mississippi, etc.)


  1. Beverly says:

    I love how every little thing is documented. Next thing you’ll know, you’ll say, “And I went to the bathroom shortly afterwards…”
    Meanwhile, I’m stuck at summer camp (that is actually quite fun :D)

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