Posted: June 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, I guess the title’s a bit…too ultimate. I mean, I’ll see most of you next year, right?


I want to thank all of you for making this [school] year a great one, and I hope you take the summer off and relax (especially with people taking zero period & high school math: 8 classes x.x).

I’m naturally opposed to writing out specifics by name for people because that’s personal and I wouldn’t want it published publically on the web. So if you want to know what you, ah, changed for me, ask XD

But thank you for sticking with me through the entire year. You guys really helped me endure my most depressing, moody, hyperactive, stressing  year yet. We argued and we fought and we ignored each other, but in the end we hugged each other or laughed again. We goofed around in the mall after math competitions. Pranked each other. Acted insane and sick and twisted. Scared others.

I’m going to miss you guys once I leave for China, immerse in eStudies (well actually, I’m probably going to multitask and be on googletalk anyway…if that gives you a picture of the “hard worker” I am XD), and then depart again for Rhode Island and the rest of New England. But I will probably bring my laptop or iPad along, or I will borrow my dad’s laptop, so I’ll be on Gmail 😀

It’s simple, though. Thanks.


  1. Beverly says:

    How sweet. I love you too *sends <3's*
    I've 'immersed' myself in writing (my laptop has become VERY slow lately; I have a million files saved onto it), reading, and practicing my new violin (SOO addictive; I'm finally learning Liebe–however you spell it).
    have fun, dahling!!!
    kisses, feathers, and letters,

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