My First Helpful Dream

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

It makes me laugh whenever I read the title.

The dream I had, anyway, wasn’t exactly “helpful.” A few nights ago, I dreamed that I was designing a comic. The day before, I was really worked up about uniforms and thinking up protests and stuff. Ranting, basically.

It was a simple, two-panel cartoon. The first panel depicted a scene at school filled with student stereotypes: the jocks, the nerds, preppy girls everywhere in their cliques, etc. But there were some bad stereotypes, too: teenagers suffering from depression, cutting themselves; people smoking and taking drugs; gangs; people shredding their worksheets and homework, fighting and running in the hallways, making out at school. It was terrible and disgusting. One important factor: they were wearing whatever clothes they wanted, and it was normal clothing or some clothing that were dress code. But the majority of the goodytwoshoes weren’t dresscode ;D

I’m not saying that Alachua-n schools have those problems, but they certainly exist. And my middle school has some of those problems, anyway.

The second panel was the exact same thing as the first panel. One imporant factor: everyone was wearing uniforms. Perhaps what I was trying to express was that wearing the same thing will tame us, or make our personalities more uniform. But whoever used the lie to win their side, they’re either blind or manipulative. Uniforms are more expensive. There are issues of uniforms corrupting the mind even further; have you heard the stereotype “sexy schoolgirl”? How some ladies wear one-piece swimsuits to let the mind wander?

In my opinion, it’s the same thing.

I want to draw this comic in consciousness, but 1) and less importantly, my people-drawing skills are worse than my other drawing skills, and 2) I’m scared that I’ll get in trouble. I could always create a fake Gmail for the purpose, but I want to be known! I don’t want to be cast off as a spammer. I want to be Lisa __, a student at a school in Alachua who cares about what she wears and the community around her!

Opinions welcome.



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