gap & ralph lauren

Posted: June 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

number one stops for polos and collared blouses that don’t look horribly hideous XD

But for Gap, look in the woman’s, not children’s. THe children’s polos are hideous D: And those nice looking Ralph Laurens can cost over $100 ;_;

Can anyone tell me why Aeropostale has included a certain type of underwear in their uniform shop? Are we getting underwear checks? XD That would be…awkward, though. No one would let that pass 😛

Anyone go on Puppet Guardian? Ima feeling random…

Reading the New Yorker helps your writing a lot. Won Mrs. Patty’s award for best 7th grade Lyceum LA student ;D Getting 100% on every vocab test, except for, at the most, one or two, also helps XD

Only a week of school left. Going to miss everyone D:


  1. Beverly says:

    there was a teacher at my old school named Patty Grill. Not even kidding.
    I love you too, darling.

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