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The School Board of Alachua County had a meeting on June 1st to make decisions about uniforms. What a shame, K-12.

There are people out there who have worn uniforms and don’t think so negatively on them, but if you’re like me, and haven’t had to wear uniforms up until now, it’s a big step down. I consider what I wear one of my biggest freedoms, and the new rule violates it.

We can have no embellishments on clothing, meaning that all the white and navy shirts that we already had were a waste of money if they had even a tiny Nike logo in the corner.

And they never gave us a chance either, to enforce the dress code. I once wore a shirt that if pulled down a bit showed cleavage. What did they tell me? Oh, just pull it up. They didn’t give me a dress code shirt, didn’t reprimand me again. It seems that the only people who actually get “punished” are in the “Major” mainstream program. How can they clear out that possibility without trying it?

They should get some insight from us. How we think. How we’ll react. It’s all psychology, too. Teenagers are stereotypically and literally rebellious and disobedient, and all the stress and other problems we have going on are going to explode, eventually. Riots, protests, defiances…it’s so obvious. Even as I type, my friends are planning to have a “Gandhi-inspired” campaign against uniforms. The teachers want their students to have freedom with their clothing. Popular teen clothing stores like Aero, AE, Justice, and A&F will lose profit. Students will be unhappy and unable to focus on their work, focusing more on trying to look good in navys, whites, and khakis, rather than feeling confident in clothes that they know–or think–makes them look better, or reflects their personality.

But did they give enforcing dress code a try? No, not at my school.

And about the shoes. Why must they be close-toed? Especially in the summer… No one that I’ve heard of has gotten serious foot injuries just by wearing flipflops or heels -.-||| I think the shoe dress code is a bit too extreme.

It’s quite obvious that the uniforms are creating more problems than they’re solving.


  • a day in which we can wear anything we want, though it must be under the dress code we have now
  • uniforms as a punishment–detention, etc.
  • Uniforms as a choice for parents, whether they want to spend more or less money is their decision. Because they will take into their account their child’s opinion more than the blind school board.
  • Uniforms targeting the Major program, who wear more outrageous things than we do. Eliminating the rotten apples in the barrel.
  • Or choosing uniforms that look good. Letting other stores fund them, like the teen stores I mentioned previously.

This is all very disappointing, and I hope some things will change by the time summer vacation is over.


* * *

As for another note, I’m leaving for China with my dad on June 13th. If WordPress isn’t blocked there, I’ll keep you guys posted!

  1. Beverly says:

    Lovely rant. I found several errors. 😛

  2. Vanna says:

    gonna make a blog now!

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