even more so…

Posted: May 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve been SO addicted to After Midnight Project lately! AMP FEVER X.X

Particularly “More to Live For” it’s so sweet ._.

“Will you forget me?”

Otherwise, I don’t have much to talk about. My life is so unordinarily extraordinary, yet I’m still bored. Sigh.

Well, I have a violin play-in May 15th, so I finally get to show off the Vitali’s Chaconne 😀

I’m getting swallowed up by my imagination D:

“Dare you to let go of me now…

When I grow old and my hair turns gray, will you still look at me the same…?”


  1. What violin play-in?
    Haha, went shopping @ Aeropostale today and Mr. Fowler walked in to round us up to go back to the buses and he was standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE THONGS and I was like trying to cover them up but he just stared at me…
    Sorry. =D HYPER. My mom was all, “you HAVE to wear a BRA underneath your TANK TOP” and I’m just like “how bout I wear NOTHING” lolz

  2. nevermoraven says:

    …it’s like a recital for my teacher and his mother’s students to practice performing in front of audiences, since we don’t have student day/festival, whatever stuff you do crap.

    Nice…you should’ve went to hot topic or victoria’s secret 😛
    You’re supposed to wear a bra under your tank top, do you actually think a piece of cloth is going to conceal your…

    speaking of that, while victor and i were waiting at the bus circle, we saw a mainstreamer walk by WITHOUT a bra and she was wearing a sheer white shirt. He didn’t notice, but I was like HOLY SQUEE and i told him and he was like, “Why do you even look? -.-” XD
    I poked HyunJee in the boob too ;D

  3. Yes, I do. JK.:D 😀 😀
    Holy crap who would walk around WITHOUT a bra on…with a white shirt? That’s just WEIRD…
    Maybe I shouldn’t wear a bra under my tank top in China. That way, my cousin can ogle me to his heart’s desire…

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