wistful wishes. so fallen, so pointless, so hopelessly humorless.

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sometimes, when I’m feeling nostalgic, I like to…turn on brawl just to look at the [newer] Yoshi’s Island stage, listen to the…carefree music and as the seasons go by, it makes me feel so sad and bittersweet.

The world will never turn out like this. I found my friends when I was entering middle school, but there is so much stress, so many worries, shattered hearts, and…people who are over-pressured just…snap. I wish I could be a five-year-old forever, under wings of those that care, believe that the world is heaven and that there is no other heaven.

But now I know. And perhaps knowledge is what defeats us all. We spiral down into an ant lion’s trap of stress, dismay, greed, lust, and subdivisions of the seven deadly sins. And only on our deathday do we relax. Oh, there are days where we can enjoy ourselves, but…

It’s just not the same as before.

And sometimes I wish for eternal youth, sometimes I wish to be carefree. So we can sit together in each other’s arms on Yoshi’s Island, watching the seasons happily drift by, never aging for eons. And you would never be depressed. So that I would never be depressed. And everything would work out right. Only tears of happiness could drip. But now, as I type, tears of self-pity, pitiful desire, and pathetic longing drive tears to my eyes. That the world will never be perfect. No matter how we try.

So spite the word “perfect”! That is a dream we will never achieve! A thing of imagination, there to trick us, tantalize us,…torment us. Motivate us. And perhaps, that is what makes the human race so superior. We believe.

But belief isn’t…

it’s just…

nothing is perfect.


EDIT: too lazy to delete/move it now, but this should really belong to Murder on the Rise. I just feel so sentimental when I’m tired. Good night. We can only reach perfection in our dreams, after all…



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