firefly poet

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Currently addicted to After Midnight Project, or more commonly referred to as AMP.

By the way, I made a miniblog dedicated to my more artistic, moody, depressed, quirky, odd, and other various adj side. Have some random crap that I don’t really want to collect dust on…but it’s not good either. Just school poetry albums, etc. I write on my own though, since it’s a hobby x3

It’s so hot outside! I hate having to walk home from where the bus drops us off! Love winter when it’s not. It’s almost depressing. My mom always decides to pick me up in that season, but I think the heat made her lazy too.


watching my brother jump on the tramp with our huge bright green cheese-stained bouncy ball. It’s like…half the size of him, and he’s sort of tallish for his age of 9 years. Or was he 10.

I’m not as good as keeping tabs on him as my parents expect me to, let alone the fact that he has autism. I’m a bad sista xP


  1. Beverly~ says:

    Now I have to leave because my mom says I need ‘plenty of rest’. I’m tired.

    ~Good night~

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