Posted: March 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Perched on a branch waiting for me as I walked home from school.

RedCrest is the name I gave for the cardinal that lives in our neighborhood. He arrived last year, on our birdfeeder with his mate, Sweetsong. I didn’t see her today though.

Last year, they ate at the birdfeeder for almost everyday. We got some really nice photos. This year, not so much, but they still hang around in our neighborhood within Cobblefield. Birdsong is really nice to listen to. Ugh, I could go on, but you’re giving me the weird look .-.

I can’t trust a certain person people anymore. I have pretty damn good evidence against what they claim they did or didn’t do. It makes me sad, but I don’t show it. Listened to “I Hate Everything About You” on loop on the bus back home. Before my friend Alice switched the song to uber happy “Fireflies”, “Boom Boom Pow”, “Tik Tok”, and so on.

OK fine, I switched it to the last two songs listed =P



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