Posted: March 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Glomping people is fun. I’ve already glomped Hyun Jee, Alice, & Vanna. You’re next >3

Orchestra assessment was okay. We got “superior” for each piece except sight-reading, for which we got “excellent.” Mr. Eckstein was trying to hide his anger until we got teh trophy ._.

When we stopped to eat at the relatively fancy rest stop on the way from Orlando to Gainesville, he didn’t take off his tuxedo, so people were staring at him as he ordered his KFC jumbo combo or whatever. I just ate the dinner I packed at home x3

Tired. Drank a lot of lemonade. Couldn’t fall asleep because I ate coffee candy (that had caffeine in it). x.x


  1. 1popte says:

    What is “glomping”? Really? Good job! I think we’re going to fail our assessment.

  2. Apurple says:

    o.o robert didnt come on gmail yet 😦

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