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just a picture I found...looked cool, crow goddess of Celtic mythology

It’s finally Friday…we had one of our first five-day school weeks and I’m exhausted (before that we had flex days and holidays…)

When I got home I immediately collapsed on the couch.

Tomorrow’s the Mu Alpha Theta competition, I have to arrive at the meeting place 5:30 AM before they depart! Insane much, so I’m going to sleep at 9 today .-. It’s the Middleton Invitational, at Tampa. Hopefully I’ll do as good as last time–or better x3

We’re in a poetry unit for my humanities class…wrote about a bird as a metaphor for happiness; it’s not that good, but I felt like posting it anyway. After all, that’s what blog are for…right?

What is this sweet




Perches so daintily on the

sinewy arm of the oak.

Singing her tuneless tune,

a scrapbook of her recollections,

as if it was the last day of her life.

She lifts her fragile silk wings

and extends them to the side

An evanescent spirit,

a lost ghost, a whisper gone astray

that is always ready to

flitter away



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